Saturday, November 05, 2005

Why the hatred ? against whom ?

There is so much hatred that Bush can generate, where ever he goes in the world. Other Presidents of the US also have had similar hatred expressed against them. But no one has had to endure so much for so long.

What's more interesting is that the countries around the world are truly aligning 'with them' and 'against them'. Of course there are shades of this. From the non-existent Taliban to the not-so-friendly France. Or the suck up Brits to the pussy-footing Indians.

World over people need to realise that the first impediment to any progress and cooperation between countries is their Govt. And when you have Govt like Bush's presidency, then the effect of their actions are mulitplied. Because they do it, talk about doing it, threaten to humiliate, publicly boast about superiority, shows no humility to other nations or people, be it big or small. This is not going to buy friends. And this is what is being demonstrated as he travels around the world. Luckily and thankfully this hatred is most cases is restricted to him , and not on the general american public.

Americas summit protest turns violent - CNN - Nov 5th 2005

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