Friday, March 31, 2006

March 31st

Suspect everything, believe nothing. :)

A little digression....
In the hey days of Seinfield, there was an episode, which started with at the end of the story and played back, scene by scene, event by event backwards. It was like time travel, back to a minute ago, an hour ago, a day ago, a week ago etc. So you ended at the beginning of the story. It was confusing, pretty mind-boggling, but you had to constantly keep thinking and associating why something happened (that to funny stuff). And then it got funnier when you found out why. I am not a die hard fan of Seinfield, but this was a nice episode, like many others.

But the crazy thing was, for a few days after that, every movie, or story i saw, i was thinking backwards. Even if the story was proceeding in the right direction of time, i would be trying to crack at some non-existent undercurrent or unhidden truth. It was a weird mind game. Eventually it waned, like many things in life, with time.

Back to where i started...
Today is that day of the year, when you need to prepare your mind for all the pranks and foolish stuff people are going to pull around you. You could be at the receiving end of a joke from me, your mom, your brother or sister, better yet from your significant other, and from the not so significant others who have bigger impact in your life, your banker, your local TV channel, the New York Times etc. Anybody, everybody and somebody is going to show you, tell you, give you, take from you, or talk about something, that doesnt exist or is not true.

So, when you go to sleep today, toughen your mind. Look for the inner self belief to come to your support, tomorrow. Dont ever believe anything. Suspect everything. Because its not true. Trust me. You will thank me later.

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