Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Abortion - a woman's right

Tomorrow is supposed to be woman's day. Didnt know there was such a day !!

I have been off, for a few days. Busy. One needs to do work, i guess, atleast once in a while.

Came across this article on CNN, and had me thinking for a while, why this person would sign such a law, unless he plans to take on the US legal system that allows abortion. I always had a problem with the fact, that the christian right seems to have a lot of problem with the right to abortion, but has no problem in death sentences.
Well i have no problem with death sentences (except when it is used as it is, in Texas), and also no problem with abortion. I simply think the whole abortion is such a private issue. The women have to deal with a lot of emotions before they choose to go thru' with this decision. I dont think any person, would go through this process, for reason of pleasure. And so to make an issue of this, only adds more pressure on the already tender state of mind.

So now, the Governor of South Dakota, signs this ban into law, sot that he can provoke a constitutional challenge to the Roe vs Wade Supreme court ruling. Well, i think it is a good decision, lets bring this out into the open. Let the Supreme Court come out and reaffirm the ruling or overrule it. This issue has been festering in the US for such a long time. Lets fight this issue again.

People are so naive to think, that this is a choice exercised by us. So, if this is a choice, and the almighty god has no role in this decision making, then i guess he has none, when we pro-create either. And then why should the rule be different for other life making or taking decisions. Why is it OK, for us to use life-extending devices to keep someone alive, even when the God may have willed that the person be dead long back. And who the #@%& are they to talk on behalf of god ?

South Dakota bans most abortions

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