Saturday, March 18, 2006

Hari Sadu

Dont know if this name strikes a bell ? Most people here in India, who have watched a few hours of primetime TV, cricket or some other major TV program would have heard about this stuck-up boss, and his assistant, who help him with a restaurant reservation by spelling his name as 'H for Hitler, A for arrogant, R for rascal and I for idiot'. Funny you would think. It wasnt hilarious, but it sure made you smile. Cheeky is the word i like to use.

Anyway, it appears someone didnt think it was too funny, and is now filing a law suit. Much as it may be justified, i think there is an element of stupidity here. The lawsuit probably helps the kid, who is supposed to be hurt, save face at school. But i think it is probably more oppurtunistic. If this chappy was hurt because of this one advertisement, I wonder what people named John should feel like !!

11-year-old boy sends legal notice to

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