Tuesday, July 12, 2005

www - world without women

What would the world be without women ? Well, we in India will quickly know, more about this, given the rate at which girl babies and feotus are being killed. Such acts are punishable by law, but in India, enforcement of a law on paper is extremenly difficult.

A woman's right to choose and plan their family via abortion or any other method of birth control is an indisputable right, but the same cannot be used to selectively choose which child to abort. And when this decision become the collective wisdom of a whole set of population it cannot be very different from murder. Even more gruesome is the act of killing a girl child after she is born, by poisoning or burying alive.

Governments have been trying their half-hearted attempts at solving this problem, but the trend has not changed. And education has not helped either, because the educated now choose the route of selective abortion, rather than female infanticide. The poor woman in rural areas who participate in this cannot be held solely responsible for this act, as their choice and opinion in this matter is of importance in this matter.

Yesterday, was World Population Day, all the TV channels did their bit yesterday to highlight this issue. But, then again, no one offered the silver bullet to stop this.

And so, our education on 'world without women' continues unabated.

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