Friday, July 08, 2005

Admission to Colleges

The recent drama that is being played out in Tamil Nadu regarding admissions to colleges, specially the Engineering and Medical colleges is having a painful impact on the students. Every side has a view and opinion that is justified. There are totally about 2000 medical seats in the whole of Tamil Nadu, i am not sure how correct this number, but no matter what that number is, it is too small considering the demand for seats. Given the shortage of Doctors, one wonders why it is taking so long for the Government to increase capacity by adding new colleges.

The recent discussion by politicians about the admission drama has centered around the issue of admission of students from rural areas as opposed to urban. A recent analysis done by an NGO to study who are benefitted from the proposed system, which the Govt tried to impose recently, showed that no student in eight education districts may enter medical college. How then can they justify such a system ?

Why not have a Medical College in each district ? And why not each district college, give preference to students who pass from schools located in that district ? Wouldnt that be a better way of ensuring the rural areas are benefitted. They get a hospital and a medical college.

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