Sunday, July 31, 2005

Letting Peter rob you, while you pay Paul

This whole cycle of stuffing yourself to death and then running to a diet clinic to rid yourself of all the extra pounds smacks of stupidity. So, you sit around your home, watching TV, munching Potato chips and other easy to eat munchies from your grocery, while you wash it down with colored, flavoured and sweetened water, or if you are out then you under one of the fast food store with a golden arch or its many more copy cats and taste alikes, letting these large corporates rob you of your money, while you struggle to earn more and more.
Soon when you are big enough, you then start worrying about your health. Not because you went to a recent physical, but because you suddenly feel that you are bigger than most things around you. Now that you have saved some money, actually more likely you have worked out a financing deal with your credit card or a friendly bank at a reasonably high interest, you visit a diet center, so that they can suck the extra fat directly from your belly area, rather than letting it come out from where it normally would, for people who do have some active life.

Well, i am not claiming to be a health fanatic, or fad-food renounced sadhu, but just a person who a realised something and someone who is taking an effort to stop things at its source. Thank you, burger are tasty, but i can surely live with it eating it once a year.

from The Observer: Fat fortune for Diet Town, USA

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