Thursday, July 07, 2005

G8 Meet in Scotland

There is a summit going on in Scotland, where the richest 8 countries, atleast so considered by themselves, meet to discuss issues that concern the world. For the last several years every time these countries meet to solve the world's problems, there have been protests from a large majority of people. People who sometimes travel across the globe to be present in the vicinity for their voices to be heard.

10,000 march and protesters fight running battles with riot police

What would prompt them to literally battle with the police and be labelled as 'arsonist' ? Yes, what they are doing is disrupting peace. But what is the reason for this large scale demonstration.

Anytime, people gather in large numbers, they are a voice that needs to be heard, however unpleasant it might be. It is also sad that the sometimes fighting for justice requires the path of non-adherence, it is sad that the path of non-voilence which was used as an effective tool by Mahatma Gandhi, does not seem to resonate today. Or could it be that the authorities and the so called world leaders simply dont care.

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