Friday, July 01, 2005

Groom asks for car.... beaten and tonsured instead

By Indo-Asian News Service

Ranchi, July 1 (IANS) A groom was tonsured and his family beaten up in Jharkhand when a gritty bride and her family refused to succumb to his demand for a car even after he had already received dowry of Rs.840,000.

Local reports said Bharti Kumari in Chatarmandu village in Hazaribagh district, 60 km from here, refused to marry Rajesh Kumar Singh when he put forward his demand just before the ceremony was to begin.

Garlands had been exchanged when Singh told Bharti's father that the dowry of Rs.840,000 had been paid to his father, not him, and he would get married only if he got a car as well. That's when the bride's family turned orthodox patriarchy on its head, beat up the family and even filed a police complaint.

Singh, who offered to get married without any dowry at all when he found police closing in on him, and his father have been arrested.

as reported in Yahoo News

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