Sunday, April 16, 2006

Unclear Iran

What is wrong with a democratically elected government doing what it deems fit for the benefit of its people ? Well i can think of several reason why not. The most important being that no country lives in isolation on this planet. So actions taken by it, will impact and affect others around.
And so, there are consequences of nuclear Iran in the middle-east and also in the bigger Asian region.

However, that said, the dictates of the Nuclear regiments are mandated and controlled by a handful of countries. And only two countries have successfully broken into this tight circle. One is Israel and the other is India. The possession of the technology to make the bomb, though exists with a few more countries, Pakistan being one of them. So now Iran must ask the question, why is it ok for these countries to have it and not me ?

Israel has had the bomb for the longest period of time. The possession of which has resulted in its more aggressive stance in the middle-east in terms of solving the crisis that has been bleeding this part of the world of about half a century now. It has also thwarted all attempts by its neighbours to attempt to master this technology. Although this is common knowledge, no one questions or raises their finger against this infraction. Why, because it has the solid backing of the USA.

India, a recent pariah, now considered acceptable because of the economic powerhouse it is turning into, has possessed this technology since '74. India on the one hand pushes for global disarmament, but has also been equally adamant about its aquisition of the bomb. I, being an Indian, see perfect reasoning and rationale in this approach. However, the world around me is not seeing the same picture.

Back to Iran, my concerns are primarily, the reasons why they need the bomb now. The only reason they could possibly want it, would be to counter Israel. Because in the past, Israel has shown that it is willing to take the fight into other's territory. But they are not thinking straight, because this fight of Palestine is not going to go away, just because you strong arm and play bully. Israel is adamant and will not back down on its stance, and it has the unflinching support from the US.

I give up, this going in circles and circles and circles. The main thing, is i am not so unsure that Iran having the bomb is a bad thing. In all the time since the bomb was discovered, it has been used only twice in a theater of war, in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Since then the bomb has acted as a deterrent, right or wrong. However, i am torn at the idea of simply everybody and anybody possessing the bomb. But then again, the bomb itself has become old technology, we have better methods of terror and killing. On 9/11, we had a demo of how terror can be struck in the minds and hearts of people without a bomb.

And the most important question of all, should the US go to war, because of this ? Again, a unilateral step ?

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