Monday, April 10, 2006

Katie to bear Tom's child in silence

I came to read about this story, after focussing on the word silence. Of course i may not have paid as much attention if the story line read, 'Anamika to bear John's child in silence'. As i clicked the link to read the story, i was at first wanted to press the back button, the thoughts that were predominant were, what do i care ?

Anyway, just before i was about to read the story, i was saved by my favourite TV channel, CNN. Amongst all the important things in the world, they had found time to talk about Tom and Katie. Ok, so Tom is not an average male. In fact, to sidetrack a bit, have you noticed, he is aging now, but still manages to carry on that boyish. I am sure girls and women, will have a different opinion all together. Ah, i am just jealous. So CNN, throws the tag line, so that they can take a break for advertisement. And that helps me. I quickly open up my bloggar, to start my blog. I manage to find a picture of Tom, to even spruce up my writing.

The article and the CNN news piece do talk about the Scientology's concepts of silent child birth. Dont ask me how ? But then we are all so used to the hollywood depiction of child birth. The lady has to yell and scream, no other options are even remotely acceptable, and if ever showcased, then it is by some independent movie, and not available to the mainstream audience. In bollywood and its variants in the south, also dont have anything different to offer. I was in one child birth, and things were not so loud, fortunately or unfortunately, it started as natural, but quickly ended up on the surgeon's table. I did sit through that operation too, and allowed my to have a glimpse of the most beautiful thing in the world, a baby coming out of the womb. And it wasn't easy to for the surgeon to get to the womb, it took close quite a while, after the started the slicing of the skin and flesh, to get ready for the 'delivery'.

It appears finally after reading the whole story and listening to the story on CNN, it appears that lot of the words in the story's tag line are not true or not relevant.
Katie - not relevant, it could very well have been anyone else. Infact, the CNN piece only talked about others, because i guess Katie said 'No' when asked to come on the show
to bear - ok this is the only truth in the story, she is bearing a child
Tom's child - completely irrelevant, and no one other than Katie knows the real truth
in silence - well, here is the kicker, not true. Scientology talks about using 'wrong words', not about screaming.

I am victim and a perpetrator, i fell for it, because i was hooked by 'Tom' in the story. And although i feel that we should give them their space to do what they want and how they want, but i too couldn't completely shut them out.

Katie to bear Tom's child in silence

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