Sunday, April 09, 2006

Mac appeal

Finally, i think i hear my calling. Apple has a new utility that allows the installation of Win XP on a Mac machine. I have always wanted an Apple laptop since i saw it in a store for the first time, almost 3 years ago. Since then i have been seen more people buying the MacOS based machine over Win XP.

I had devoted a better part of my IT career disputing the claims of Windows operating system and its company's practices. But somehow i always had compromise and use a windows based laptop. Now there is no need to.

I am already drooling on the possiblities. My laptop is only about 2 yrs and 5 mths old. My last laptop i managed to hang-on to, for four years. But i am already grown tired of my Dell 8600. The only thing i wanted when i was shopping for a laptop was a 15" screen. I got a 15.4" screen, but lately i have felt i am carrying a suitcase, instead when i could carry a backpack.

Ok, i am off now.. got to finish up my research.

Apple moves to widen Mac appeal
MacBook Pro XP vs. the PC competition

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