Thursday, April 20, 2006

till travel do us part....

Here i am sitting in the airport lounge, yes, yet again, waiting for the boarding call of my flight to Frankfurt, and then enroute to India.

My job, requires me to travel between India (Chennai) and US (Washington DC). As the person in charge of the operations in India, i need to be here and thanks to the same responsibility, i need to be in DC at the home office too. This gives me the unique oppurtunity to have the best of both worlds. Eat authentic burgers (chicken though) at the different burger joints in the US, and garam masala dosa, chutney sambar, at Saravana Bhavan in Madras. Drive on the right and and left side of the road, Although this usually referred to as right and wrong side of the road by my good friends here in the US. I correct them, saying we in India, "drive on the correct side of the road".

Freezing winters and steamy summers have very little impact on me. Although personally i am little affected by the increased UV rays in the US. As a political beast, i also found that crooks roamed the halls of law-making, just as freely as they did in India, and i was quite comfortable poking fingers here as i used to do in India. I hate to generalize, and i found that people here and the people there, have the same problems and similar issues, however the cultures are different and therefore the basis of decision making is quite different.

Born in India, i spend more than half my lifetime growing up there, and then spend more than a third here in the US. Now i am quite at home here as well as in India. Well having a home in both countries, makes that more easier. I have made the integration of the two cultures a personal issue, i have two children, one an american (since he has born in the US) and the second an Indian, since she was born in India.
I do, however, have only one wife !!

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