Monday, September 26, 2005

Too bad Too sad

It was in the offing for sometime now. Lot of talk had been generated about this vote before today. Politcal parties had done their job of tom-tomming about our independent stand.

But now, we have played our cards are required by some of the bigger bosses. And why, so that we can get civilian nuclear deals from the US. Why do we need that ? I always thought we were a country that relied on self-reliance, we always wanted to re-invent the wheel ourselves. Of course until yesterday, it was because we were not allowed access to the wheel. But now it is because we want to play real-politick.

I am ashamed of what the Government has done. It is proof that every country can grow to a size, at which point it will need to indulge in double-speak.

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : India's shameful vote against Iran


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