Friday, September 30, 2005

Rape Capital

For sometime, i have been repulsed by the frequent reports in the newspapers about rapes in Delhi. Initially it was a feeling, 'why the hell should the publicize these?', 'why sensationalize?'. But soon i realized that if these stories stopped, that wouldn't stop the rapes. That would only embolden the criminal within. Now these stories hit the media sooner and get more coverage, it is good, because it will help solve the problem. People are less prone to sweep these under the carpet, when it is out in the open. And it should also strengthen the ones who have always been trying to help the victims and increase the resolve to punish the accused.

Not one to support capital punishment, this is one instance when it has be used to the fullest. Death is a not a good option, because it could lead to the victims being murdered after the crime. How about 'castration' ?

Woman raped and robbed in New Delhi - Sept 2005
Three minors were raped in separate incidents on Monday - Sept 2005
Woman gangraped by husband's friends - Aug 2005
'Rape incidents in Delhi have decreased' - Oct 2003
Delhi graduates to country's rape capital - Oct 2003

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