Monday, September 19, 2005

Go Sania

She is now at 34 in the world ranking and has potentials to go higher. I have seen her game at the US Open, and feel that she has the potential to do it. The question tho' is after Sania who !!

Why this question, so soon, when she is just 19 and has long career ahead ? Well her opponent who beat her at the US Open was only 18yrs old, and she already had won the Wimbledon. So the question is important. Surely, my bets are on Sania to go all the way to the top and remain their for a long time. But i would equally like for a small but good group to follow her and start breaking the ranking table. Lest, Sania becomes another flash in the pan.

Sania mania hits WTA officials- The Times of India

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