Thursday, September 01, 2005

Remote Sensing

I found this on the web site, about the Indian Remote Sensing Programme. It has more details about two satellites launched by India. The Indian Remote Sensing program actually has four satellites in operation currently, making it the largest such constellation in service in the world.

The Antrix Corporation setup by ISRO to market it services globally. I am not sure if it is doing a great job, but it is defnitely getting the word out. But i am sure the Indian team is not getting the benefit of the doubt and has a long way to go, to establish its superiority in this area. A big competitor is the Ikonos satellite system that has images of 1meter resolution. I believe the IRS system also has the same capability, but i couldnt find many images that compared well with the Ikonos system.
In any case, i think the achievement of the team from India is not little. But i believe they are capable of doing something more.

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