Tuesday, December 18, 2012

AR Rahman - Kadal - Moongil Thottam

How can you go wrong with "Vera enna vennam, Nee pothume"? And ARR doesnt. Solo guitar, thats how he kicks of this soulful melody.

As is usual with Rahman's albums, i start with an instant favourite and slowly make my way to the other songs in the album. I picked this over "Chitirai Nila", only because if i needed more time to write about that one over this. But after listening to other four, over and over again - of course, this song did play every once in a while in some sequence or random order - i gave into "Moongil Thottam". Talk about something growing or rather creeping up on you !!

When i searched for the singers, i was surprised to see Harini's name. She is probably the only old singer (along with Vijay) that ARR has used in this album. She was an instant favourite of mine from "Nila Kaygirathu" (Indira). But Abhay Jodhpurkar was the revelation. I searched the net, and to no avail. Only his facebook page and a few other references to blogs and sites listing him as a singer to this song. Is this his first ? Amazing. Simply Amazing. It appears he is from Chennai, and so his Tamizh pronunciation is perfect as it can be - considering chennai tamizh itself is a bastardized version of the Semmozhi ;).

Vairamuthu as usual has excelled himself - "niranja mounam", "munthaanai eduthu,
nee mella thudaikka, naa unna anaikka" and "ushnam yaashikkum, udalum irukka, otha porvaiyila, iruvarum irukka". What more do you need, for someone to fall in love again?

But the best of all, is how ARR decided that this song does not require a lot of music, and let the voice float through. Most of the song is accompanied by the sounds strum from a lone guitar. He does fill the interludes with light melodious bits from an assortment of instruments. You can clearly hear each one, as they come to the foreground and fade to another. Listen to the few seconds before Abhay starts "Marangal Nadungum", you will understand what i feel here.

And finally the final notes as he chooses to close out the song. He has the Abhay and Harini, singing not together, but with a lag. He had done this same technique before (atleast thats where i first noticed it) in "Theendai" (En Swasa Katre). Simple twists, that make a fabulous song.

Lyrics: Vairamuthu
Artists: Abhay Jodhpurkar, Harini

moongil thottam, mooligai vaasam
niranja mounam, nee paadum geetham
pournami iravu, pani vizhum kaadu
othaiyadi paadhaiyil, unkuda podinada

ithu pothum enaku..ithu pothume
verenna venum nee pothume
ithu pothum enaku..ithu pothume
verenna venum nee pothume

kulanthaang karaiyile, kulikkum paravaiga
siragu valathume, thuliga therikume
mun kovam eduthu, munthaanai eduthu
nee mella thudaikka, naa unna anaikka

ithu pothum enaku......

nadungum, maargazhi erikka
ratham uraiyum, kulirum irukka
ushnam yaasikkum, udalum irukka
otha porvaiyila, iruvarum irukka

ithu pothum enaku......

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