Tuesday, December 18, 2012

AR Rahman - Kadal - Anbin Vaasale

Movie songs in India, can be classified in to many different categories, love, sad, angry, happy, patriotic, devotional, etc. These are usually based on the story line, but are also influenced by other factors. But usually the songs tuned for each category, follow some basic patterns. Very few composers are able to transcend these confines and produce something different.

ARR has a special magic, where his composition refuses to stay within these accepted norms, and proceeds to write another unwritten rule in movie music composition. He has done this repeatedly and attempts to rewrite his own rules all the time. Maa Tujhe Salaam (Vande Matharam), is a case in point.

'Anbin Vaasale' is a prayer song, a grace to Jesus. The words literally translate, 'Door to Love' and the singer Haricharan renders this fantastic composition with fervour. The song starts with an appeal, with little or no accompanying music, just a passionate voice calling out to Jesus. Only to be disturbed by a band playing a loud drum, and a set of chorus singers. A lone church bell, sets the rhythm. What would be otherwise a turnoff, instead gives you goosebumps as all of them join this prayer. ARR shows again that he will make his own tunes.

Karky, Vairamuthu's son has done a great job providing the appropriate words to this prayer song. A song, usually, is not fully complete without the words that add justice. This prayer and ARR's composition, takes full advantage of the lyrics. The tune, modulations, and the cadence are amazing, and it shows. How beautifully the lines "kanneerai thekkum en ullathaakil, un perai sonnaal pooputhidatho" are handled. 'Causing you, the listener to join this appeal. Another high point in the song thanks to lyrics and the rendition is when Haricharan sings "Poovin mele, vannam neethane, Verin keezhe jeevan neethaane".

And then again when he closes out with the simple "Anbin Vaasale", it appears he is asking for the door to open up, wide and take him in. And you feel this in your heart. Religion to me has never been about one god, or rather it always has been about one god, no matter his name. This song does to me, what "Faya Kun" (Rockstar), "Ek thu hi bharosa"(Pukar),  "Maula Maula" (Dilli 6), "Ek Omkaar" (Rang De Basanti), or "O Paalanhare" (Lagaan) did. While some of these brought tears, and others joy, it always touched your heart. Like only ARR can do.

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