Saturday, December 15, 2012

AR Rahman - Kadal - Elay Keechan

A few days back, i got an email alert from my friend at work, another ARR fan, who said that another single from Kadal is out. Soon i was on youtube, and falling for this new single - Elay Keechan.
Just imagine a fisher-folk song that is tuned to sound country. Not many sounds here, other than stringing guitar or banjo (something tighter than the guitar, but not as high as a banjo). And a chorus to hum in the background. Some clapping. And lo and behold you have a song to showcase the lives of fisherfolk in the movie.

Only in true ARR style, he takes a set of pure tamizh lyrics, and tunes into something out of the ordinary. The lyrics are by Karky, Vairamuthu's son, some fantastic lines there. My favourite is "Vaa Le, Konda Le, Kattumaram konda Le, Gundu meena alli vara konda le". Another line goes "Unakaaga valaiyonu valaiyonu virichirukkaen, na thavam irukken, nee vizhuvenu, velakkena uthikkitu muzhichu irukken na ara kirukaen". I guess it is country music after all, and so germane.

But the highlight i think is his rendition of the song. ARR has time and again shown he is quite a singer and i think that comes from his passion for music. He has picked an apt song to lend his voice to, and taken the entire composition to a different level. He adds just the amount of twists and turns in the tune and to his singing, so keeps the song's tone at a tempered plane. So its not just a routine ho-hum (up/down), but an interesting mix. So you tap your feet constantly, at varying pace, yet dont have to break a leg.

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