Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Save the Planet

See i knew there was a reason, why i didnt like to wash my jeans every time i wear it. I am now, unashamed and open facedly admit that "i wash my jeans only when i grow tired of wearing it".

Ok, thats an exageration, but only by just a bit. I wish these people had conducted this study atleat 20-30 years back, it would have been good arguments to use at home, having to fight off mom, only to find out that she would wash my jeans without my knowledge.

I guess there is another side to this environmental debate. I am sure an unwashed pair of jeans can be cause its own version of an environmental disaster. So like everything in life there is a middle ground.

So then, what is the middle ground ? How many times can a pair of jeans be worn, before it must be washed ?

Why washing jeans can cost the earth

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