Sunday, June 11, 2006

The death of a Terrorist

The big news on TV, the last couple of days, other than the expected hype around the world cup, was the news about the death of Zarqawi. The big all-day-all-night news channels had a field day, showing all the sides of this important event.

And then, there was this news about the success of the US Govt policy on 'war on terror'. They always keep forgetting about the main man, "Sir" Osama Bin Laden. Well, rightfully so, because the administration here needs these small success to show people they are doing something good in Iraq.

I personally think, the killing was inevitable and neccessary. There is no reason to think different, given that Zarqawi, was a big proponent of terrorism in Iraq. But then there is another side to this terrorism devil. It is like a multi-headed monster, that simply keeps going on and on and on...

They only true way to fight this problem is to solve the root problem. This could start with the US withdrawal from Iraq, a bigger effort to find resolution in the Israel-Palestine conflict etc. But then the US is not quite considered in solving the problem, but just fighting it. The different kinds of 'wars' that the successive US Govts have been waging, requires a lot of funding and also supports a large number of corporates. And so it is not easy to quickly shut it down.

So for another a few days, till someother problem crops up, we will hear quite a bit of Zarqawi, the success/failure of the war. But no one seems to be quite bothered about Osama walking around free somewhere else. I am not quite saying that we or the world must go after him, but its kind of weird that the administration is strangely silent about this person now.

For now, Bush gets to strut about with a 'mission accomplished' attitude. Interestingly i just hear that there is a 'tropical depression one' brewing in the gulf. Mr. President, are you ready this time around ?

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