Wednesday, June 14, 2006

GM Foods

Even though i work in the field of technology, i am convinced that all of this thoroughly overrated. I have expressed my reservation before to the advent of technology, as it slowly intrudes on our everyday life.

Of course, to simply write it off, as bad, and to attempt to return to lifestyle without these is unthinkable today. I cant imagine life without a cell phone, a laptop, an internet connection and even a pda. Damn, i am sure there a bunch of us, who think that camera were invented to be fixed to a phone. But i am more of an 'acceptor' as opposed to an 'embracer' (if there are such words). I'm defnitely not one of the early adopters. Having said all this, there is a part of me that is very skeptical.

And then there is paranoia. Thats when i talk about GM foods.  That's GM as in Genetically Modified, as opposed to General Motors, that come to the mind of my American friends (and one desi friend, Vicks). But as is normal, thanks to all the education and fortitude developed over a period of time, i know that, it cannot be completely bad. But, yet, i am unable to completely accept this change to food structures, by the big farming conglomerates across the world. I understand it is possible to raise Pigs that can grow hearts, that be use for heart-replacement for humans, or potatoes without the strach and more protiens and other cancer killing drugs. But somehow, the whole concept of us humans, the most advanced 'living thing', being able to engineer food etc., is still unfathomable.

Ok, i must temper my ranting, 'cause i noticed that i have used a lot of big words in this blog. I must be really pissed. But then not pissed enough to buy 'organic' food from the grocery shelves, by paying twice as much for the same produce. So, who do ya blame ?

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