Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Indian Airlines becomes 'Indian'

Not sure about this. But read this story from two different sources. Indian Airlines is becoming 'Indian'. I wonder what that means ? I am going to fly 'Indian'. I suppose they will shorten the Indian Airlines to Indian, but the airlines will still be called Indian Airlines.

The logo is changing. I searched and couldn't find any images. I sometimes wonder what the news reporters in India do. There is very little value add they do, they simply seem to report the story as issued from the press release. Even today, a paper like 'The Hindu' messes up web URL, or sometimes simply doesnt print them. It carries a report about a website without the URL !!

Anyway, the main story here is about 'Indian'. Again it sounds wierd. But most name changes do. I still prefer Madras to Chennai, but over the last year or so, i have gotten used to Chennai.

IA puts on warpaint to appear in ‘Indian’ avatar
IA gets a brand new image, changes name

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