Monday, December 12, 2005

Citgo pumps gas

Citgo is the Venezuelan government owned gas company that is gas at almost 45% off the market price, to select housing communities in the big cities of the US. No, the housing is not predominantly Venezuelan or south-american, they just belong the poorer class. People who will have to shell out extra money this winter so they can heat their homes to make it livable. This when the other oil companies have recently reported huge profits, so big that it rivals the GDP of some countries. Then, there is the US government that was elected by some of these people, which is busy fighting to liberate the lives of poor souls in the Iraq, people who never really asked for it in the first place, but all the same a noble cause, except when you think that it barely moved a finger in Rwanda or recently in Sudan. So, let's accept for a moment that the cause, more important to them, was to protect the ever scarce oil for the benefit of the americans. The question remains, which Americans? Its quite obvious that these were not the poor people in the Bronx, Boston or most other Americans across the 50 states. It does benefit the shareholders of the many american oil companies. Well, you could benefit too, if you could conjure up the money to buy the shares of these companies. What if that means giving up a few square meals.

The motivation of the Chavez government is not necessarily to help these poor souls in america, but more to thumb their noses at the US Govt. But in the scheme of things if nations competed this way, I think the world may be a better place.

Politics or Not, Bronx Warmly Receives Venezuelan Heating Oil

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