Sunday, December 04, 2005

Big Brother

The Government never really trusted its citizens. Atleast it would seem that way from the growing tendency of Governments (democratic or not) to reach into the private lives of the people to determine if a law was broken. I am talking more of mundane things. Yes they are mundane, but thats the point, the mundane things are the first step to help gain acceptance with the public. One of this is policing on the road, using newer technologies. So you have the good old, radar speed detector, and the cameras at intersection, on the highways and bylanes, the sound alarm for speeding alert, and even newer uses of technology. Two news articles, here show some of this new use of technology.

I have been the brunt of this, this past September, i was sent a picture, showing me speeding on the highway inside of DC.

I can see even more intrusive use of technology, like having manufactorers store critical information on a chip inside, like wearing seat belts, speeding, headlights on/off, wipers on/off, etc. Who could want this, the insurance companies and maybe even the police. So like the police could then have a device to read from this chip, when te car is speeding at 70 mph. Scary huh !! Well these are just some brainwaves i have had. Maybe i should shut up now.

Device stops speeders from inside car
`Smart Box' to monitor unsafe driving patterns

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