Saturday, March 17, 2012

Prosperity Measured

Saw this interesting table/graphic in The Hindu, this week. The title of the article will be the matter of another blog. What is interesting is the progress that India has made in the acquisition of material wealth.
For quite a many years i have been reading and hearing that Indians are typically spiritual and have a better understanding about material wealth. I quite believed then, and this is  good proof now, that we were spiritual only because wealth was non existent in India, up until the fag end of the twentieth century.

The prosperity ensued by the crass pursuit of capital, has helped bring out the true human spirit, greed. I first heard this, many years back, in my economics class, greed is the biggest driver for a prosperous economy. So i guess the wheel has begun moving, and remember, there is no getting off. Enjoy the ride fellow Indians.

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