Thursday, March 01, 2012

Lost millions in Apple stock

I am sure the news that the Apple stock hit 500$ per share and zoomed past it, is all old news now. However, no one seems to understand or comprehend the amount of money that could have been mine.

Ya. My bright instincts told me buy the stock when it was in double digits. I did. And some even brighter set of instincts told me to sell the stock when it reached or touched 300$. I did. But i cheated, and sold only half of what i held at that time. Well, so i made a killing in that sale. Only to curse my instincts soon after. So the AAPL stock has set new highs, just short of the 550$ mark.
I could have been a multi-millionaire now, only if i had a few millions to start with, and more importantly a set of instincts that actually worked. Damn it.

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ravi said...

Still holding on to my AAPL. Of course I fail the "millions to buy the original stock" requirement, so I will still not see millions (or even some meaningful fraction of a million). It's what it is!