Thursday, December 09, 2010

Math QnA

Funny!! Not always does a student get to poke fun at the teacher in class. Like a friend of mine (senior from school) who narrated the incident in a biology class.
Shantha maam: tell me the name of an amphibian?
Friend: Frog (after help from behind)
Shantha maam: Give me another one? (knowing how this chappy figured out the answer).
Friend: Another Frog
So i got this in the mail, a while ago. This the response by a smart student, to a tough (well maynot be so tough) math question.

Smart eh?!
Well not if you see how the teacher graded him/her.
Full grades the teacher on this one.

I also recall another one where my Stats professor, help my friend understand that his marks where "not out of 50", but purely "out of pity".

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