Friday, December 17, 2010

Google's Web History

I didnt know about this, until now. Ignorance was bliss. Now that i know, i did the right thing. Turn it off!! I would have appreciated if Google had sought my permission before they choose to save my search history. It is one thing to store it on my computer's cache, but a wholly another thing to make this available online, even if it is accessible only by me. All this only increases my paranoia levels.

Note from Google on privacy: Web History is accessible only by signing in to your Google Account with your username and password. As long as you don't share your username and password, your Web History should remain completely private.

Google Web History tracks (i should say store, but i am paranoid and very pissed), all online searches done thru' google. Lucky me, i still use Yahoo for my searches. Now that i discovered this truth, am need to ferret the same about Yahoo. I do know that when Yahoo introduced search perferences long while ago, this was not one of the options.

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