Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mumbai wakes up India

I received an sms the evening, after it was all over in Mumbai. It was also broadcasted earlier on NDTV. It read.....
"Where is Raj Thackeray and his brave sena ? 200 NSG commados (all Indians) were sent to fight the terrorists, so that he can sleep peacefully."

As soon as i saw it on NDTV, i couldnt help think of the song that haunts everytime you hear it. It talks about the brave soldiers who give up their lives for our better tomorrow.

While this song was sung for a different war, and at a different time. The words are still very true today.



--xh-- said...

true. but then, i think it is better for him to shut up than trying to say something and shake the hornets nest...
And the way Modi and BJP tried to take mileage from the attack - pathetic politicians...

Anonymous said...

The Japanese took a wise decision after the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki by US...since then they have adopted a principle of peace. i am too a supporter of that principle.

War and Violence, are endless events that leads us nowhere. It only creates more trouble. Instead, we could heal ourselves for a better t'row. Its not impossible....

ck2 said...

Anoop - true. they always will. that is their mantra. ours is to clean them out. get rid of these one at a time... it will take time. it can be done.

Anon - peace goes two ways. we all want peace. no one in their right mind wants war or terror. the problem is my idea of peace will be mistaken as being easy target and weakness.
Remember school days - how a bully takes advantage, only the weak.

Anonymous said...

ck - I totally agree with you: nobody in their right mind, would like to wage a war or violence. Bullying is a subset of violence, and, it too isn't good.

So..What according to you is peace? In what way can things be improved without violence? You must also note that, there was never a discussion b/w the two ever!!..was there? ever? face to face? since singularity? and everything is based on assumptions!!..Based on these hypothetical "mis"assumptions, the powerful is recklessly bullying the weak!!!..So the big question to be mooted, to the country is, " What are your expectations? and how can things improve in the relationship without violence? What will make you happy? ". The discussion is meant to be taken constructively.

I am your fan and would like to hear about your wishes!!

ck2 said...

Anon - not sure if i wasnt clear enough. I meant that India largely has been an advocate of peace. I say largely only because we havent had the opportunity, even if we may not have the need or will to intimidate or shower violence on others.

I meant by 'my idea of peace'; that every time i kept quiet and tried to heal in the name of peace, and not struck back etc... it may be taken as a sign of weakness.

I think our government has shown a lot of courage to hold their guns. Now, the government we have is still made up of politicians who are happy with settling petty scores. But yet, collectively the nation has shown a lot of wisdom and courage.

We all need peace. We must talk. I think we must believe in Pakistan wanting peace. We must engage with all that is good in Pak. We must play cricket here and there, sing songs and laugh together. But we must also destroy, thru cunning or shrewd geo-politics all that is bad in Pakistan.
I sincerely believe Indians and Pakistan are just brothers, but living in a different home. People across the borders are not different in any sense. But our governments are not. Our politicians are not necessarily working in the best interests of both countries. I can only say, since we elect our fools every 5 years or so, they are a shade better. They will atleast at some moments in their life work for the collective interest of this country.

Violence only breeds more violence. A case in point is LTTE in sri lanka, who at one time received the support of the Indian government, and even today enjoys the support of the tamil nadu government. And so any action taken will have consequence and must be well thought out.

All said and done. We need the following:
- One law for all Indians to obey
- One law that also protects us all equally as Indians.
- One land, where Indians can live and die, anywhere we choose.
- One government that will fear the people it rules and not otherwise
- One military that will at the behest of the government, strike fear in the heart of any one that attempts to destabilize this nation