Tuesday, November 04, 2008

American Elections !!

Today America votes, after almost eight years of torture by a person whose most stupendous ability is to mangle any and every english sentence or phrase he uses. It has been a day that one half of America was waiting holding every breath, so that they could live to see it. A day when the world is hoping that America will finally come to its senses.

Obama or Mccain ?
And more importantly does it matter?
And if does, will Martin Luther King's dream come true ?

Hmm... it still rings in my head.... 'I have a dream...'

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Anonymous said...

Yippy!!..Barack Obama, broke historic record today, by becoming the 44th President of the United States. He is all set to transform the political landscape of this great country. Although, its a very nascent stage to comment anything about his potential, given his braveness, honesty, truthfulness and deterministic attitude towards policies, we can safely assume that he will atleast fare better than many of the historical presidents. 'Hope and change':the two most important words used in his political rhetoric, is all set to transform the way Americans live. He is a socialist and would surely make people's lives far far better than the capitalists like Bush.

History has shown that people who fail in their early ages are the ones who endure pain and turn out victorious.People like Mahatma Gandhi, Subhas Chandra Bose, Schindler, John Lennon, Obama etc., are great people not because of their origin or race, but because of their inner passion and a drive to change the world. They have failed in their lives at some point (in a big way), but, its their inner instinct that revived them. But, paradoxically, not everyone liked them. But truth is, they love what they do, the way nerds love what they do or the way poets love what they do: there is nothing wrong with that. Looking at the way American's have voted, it looks like the issue of race is rather feeble in reality: more aptly, people now care more about education, economy and other day to day problems facing the average American.

Let us hope that people all over the world live in peace, with equality of life and more importantly love each other. That is the best we can expect and hope from anyone!!