Sunday, October 12, 2008

Yeh hum naheen

You never know, what you find when you crawl the www. I found this, a beautiful effort by a group to show as they say it "we are not that" (yeh hum naheen). People all over the world are the same. No one kind, wants to kill an innocent person.

On reading from the website, the foundation was started by Waseem Mohammed, because of his children. He wanted to show that all muslims, specially all Pakistanis are not terrorists or supportive of their causes.

I caught the news, when over 6.2 crores (62 million) people have signed up for this cause. Shows that atleast so many believe. Now if only we could get rid of the politicians, politics, religion, and stupid imaginary lines that run on this earth.


Anonymous said...


The song is very good and its a nice pick. What they say is so much meaningful and real. Not everyone in life is bad. Media and other entities display it wrongly; some are highly mendacious.Its really the way we perceive it: bad people are everywhere and in any country. Look at the Israel and Palestinian conflict, and more recently, the conflict between Russia and Georgia: Politicians and the military killed so many innocent people. Iran is displayed as a terrorist nation, but their culture, food and people are so lively and good.

But, there is something common we all share, and that is love and friendship. Sometimes the relationship between people is so much blurred that, most often, we don't realize, how close we really are. It reminds to me of the book, "Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to Promote Peace" by Greg Mortenson.
Its a real life story about an explorer and mountaineer who helped build a school for poor children in a Pakistani village.

I enjoy reading your blogs. This is another good one...

- a fan

ck2 said...

you know as i was watching the video, i was seeing all those school kids and wondering, they are not any different from children here in india......
india and pakistan are artificial countries created by this corrupted system of politics and religion.

Anonymous said...

You are right CK: there is no such difference between the kids over there and India. But, the problem is with the mature people, the "big kids". Probably, if God is watching us, he would see the grown ups fighting over resources with tiny guns and bombs, the same way, kids squabble by slapping each other over toys. Thus, there is no real difference between kids and mature people as such.

The fact is that, there are a lot of socio-economic problems in the society. There is no equality or respect for people's lives. Nature is something that we cannot create on our own, but, we are so much lost in the artificial life that, we forget about our own mortal soul and short life. Instead of loving and living life, we complicate it for a bunch of printed paper notes. People can really change, if they respect and understand each other. "Ego" is the worst human character and destroys everything.

But, unfortunately, words like these remain in the Moral Science textbooks and blogs. Nobody follows it in reality. I appreciate your kindness and care for those kids.