Monday, October 23, 2006

Blog spot

I hate to do this, i have to use the link. I was hoping to maintain and write a different blog here at blogspot.

But then the title is the same. It had to be, cause i had originally started writing here, but then quickly scooted to Yahoo, thanks to the better features offered there. But then it was easy to give up, because the yahoo 360 was under trial. It still is supposed to be under beta, but with over 300+ blogs of mine floating in cyberspace, i do hope they treat it with more caution.

So for the moment, instead of cut/paste the same blog here into blogspot, i figured i would link to 360. And then write something original here, whenever.
I mean, if ever.
Well, you know, what i mean.

hello is anyone there ? hello.
Hello !!!

damn, i chased the last one away.

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