Monday, June 27, 2005

The War in Iraq

In what seems to be quite a revelation, the US is slowly admitting that Iraq is not going well. The rumbling Rumsfeld made some comments on the sunday TV, the weekly morning talk show, where the spin of the week is addressed or launched. This comes at a time when yesterday's attacks in Mosul killed nearly 33 people. A lot of innocent civilian, do and die soldiers and equally stubborn terrorists have been killed in this war. The ratio though is very clearly tilted in favour of the innocent. Let me be very clear here, so that the message is not lost in sarcasm, lot more civilian deaths for every supposedly terrorist killed by the US and the new-Iraqi soldiers. And more US soldiers dead or wounded in line of duty for every such terrorist killed by them. Its hard to blame the soldiers, but the administration that send them to the war, must have some explaining to do.

There must be a sudden reason of this admittance. Could it be that a recent poll conducted by Ipsos-AP indicates that a good number of americans today consider the Iraq war, a mistake. The current US administration had been touting the war and were also elected back into power because of their actions in the war. For sometime, everything seemed to be going in their favour. The army just walked over Iraq, and then the capture of Saddam and then the elections. But all along there was some news that were never making it to the US press. The US press too, typical of its 'stand by your President at the time of war', never bothered to look under the rug. The molding rot that was accumulating, is now touching civil war proportions.

Wonder if the neocon theory had actually factored this into their calculations, in their quest for control of Iraq and the oil beneath it. A bloody civil war, will not do good for any US administration, but a limited war, where a few bombs are thrown here and there, will be enough to justify military spending and also keep attention focused on those issues, instead of real ones regarding Iraq.

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