Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Black Buck and The Tiger

This is the story of a poor black buck that was killed by a tiger. In the age old 'panchantra' the tiger would have gone scott free and we will hear the moral of the story why the black buck met its unfortunate end. But today is the day of the underdog, the black bucks' of the world unite, and the tiger is on his way to the prison.

Well atleast thats how it seem so far.

But like most good stories, there will soon be a twist. It will soon appear that the tiger didnt actually kill the black buck, but it just so happened that he was cleaning his gun in the middle of the forest and this poor endangered black buck jumped in front. The tiger had repeatedly warned the black buck not to stray his course, 'ma kasam, kuthe ki aulath, agar thu mere paas aya tho, thuje mai... '. Again the tiger was not angry, but was just play acting his favourite actor of yesteryears. And so, the tiger goes scott free, because the tiger didnt commit a crime as he was only cleaning his gun in the middle of the forest. And any Indian born, Nawab (albeit ex-Nawab), has the constitutional right to clean his gun, where ever he so pleases.

This the second, if not third case in recent times, where an hero from Bollywood or otherwise has turned villain. Its time to teach some of these people a lesson. In some ways, the Tiger must have already learnt his lesson. Sure we lost one more Black Buck, just so that this elite Nawab can understand that when we mean endangered and protected, we really mean endangered and protected.

Or did he ?

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