Monday, March 28, 2005

Life and Death

Only in America do you find that people have the time to debate and debate. Freedom, Liberty and Pursuit of happiness. Doesnt the very premise of this mean that people have rights and people can do pretty much what they please, as long as they are not voilating the law. Well the grey area is the law itself. When does public morality and perception become law ?
Well you would think that the matter is real easy to fix.But look more deeply and find that the same people who support Pro-life, do not think that a civilized society, should stop death penalty. The same morality doesnt prevent them from trying minor as an adult and also imposing death sentences on minors. Now how do you explain that ?
When they explain that God gives life ? How do they explain, that man and woman have to indulge in sex or pro-creation as they would prefer it to be called, before a seed of life is planted in the womb. The miracle of God doesnt work, if the man and woman do not actually get together and do it. Of course, modern medicine has made many things possible, but still these acts are not involutanry. Some one make a choice to begin the process of creating a baby, and then God helps along.
Therefore the choice of woman to decide to have the baby or not, doesnot mean that she is acting against the will of God. If the Pro-Lifer claim their God to be the almighty and powerfull, why doesnt God then stop this. Maybe God too, wants it to happen. Maybe it was God who put this thought in the woman's mind and then gives her the courage to make the choice, and then the strength to terminate the pregnancy.
Life is not created at conception, because if it did, the much celeberated day in December, would actually be in March. And more importantly you would never know if it was the 25th, 24th, 23rd, or oops it was actually a week ago on the 18th !!! Just imagine celeberating Christmas around the same time as easter.
Imagine the confusion, for days you would have to agonize, which day is right ? Luckily, married people dont have sex everyday, so it would be simpler now, you just have to choose which of the 2/4 days that average married couple have sex during the initial years. Well that implies that you have the baby soon after marriage. The scenario these days make the selection of brith days easier, because people have lesser and lesser sex every week, as the number of years of marriage increase.
The biggest farce in all of this resistance is that, these are rules imposed by men over women. From the pulpit of the church, from the words of a book written by prohpet, and from practices as old as the himalayas themselves, man has imposed similar strictures on woman. And woman deprived of education, or woman inundated with materials for several years are lead to believe that this stricture, is the rule of God.

Like someone said, 'Oh God, free me from your followers'

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