Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Jharkhand - March 2nd 2005 - What a Farce !!

What was the hurry ? Why this desperate urgency to form a government, when the party has not got the required seats to claim majority. Forget the numbers, how about a moral majority.
Who am i talking about ? What is different now?
Well the perception that the Indian Politician is also transistionin from a local goonda to a smooth operator, began with the smart move of Sonia Gandhi to give up the PM post. With one smart move she had silenced the NDA, and also stole from them any momentum they could have build had she become the PM.
Then there was Laloo, who when he moved to the Parliment, through his smooth talking and his rabid tongue was able to effectively silence the BJP, VHP and all the other marauding hindutva fundamentalist. From a common crook, he had turned into a crusader, in the eyes of many secularist, or psuedo-secularist. Not because they believed he supported their cause any more than they felt that the hindutva was completely bad, but because he had the guts to open his mouth, albiet not always decent, most always crud, and speak out against the hindutva.

Then the case of Uma Bharati and her antics inside BJP, the local Amma from Tamil nadu and her 'no one is above the law' and the new mode of politicing in J&K, to quote a few instances, change was happening across the country. Basically from a game of goonda-garthy, it was slowly becoming a game of check-mating shatranj.

Then the elections in Jharkhand. Havent these people heard of sitting in the opposition? Waiting for their time ? I guess it is the urgency to cash in on the money immediately. Five years of waiting is a lot of lost oppurtunity.

And in Bihar too, Laloo could have let his opposition the BJP/JDU combine, attempt to form a government, which would die a natural death sooner or later. But no, there too, the horse-trading is in full frenzy.

You would think that these people will learn from their mistakes and understand from the positive feedback and vibes from the janatha.

Bhagvan mera raksha kare aur Bhagvan tera raksha kare !!!

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