Sunday, July 19, 2015


Bāhubali, the one with strong arms, is the latest movie from director, Rajamouli. I have been tracking this director and his movies, ever since i heard of Magadheera. That superlative experience, was followed up by another astounding storytelling, this time about a fly, Eega (or Naan-E, in tamil). After these two i was thirsting for more.

Bāhubali, proves that Rajamouli is a master storyteller. A story, that we have heard variations off, a million times, or another interpretation of the epics Mahabharata and Ramayana, had to meet this craftsman and turn into this grandeur. He carved out characters, and their portrayal by actors who have managed to breathe life into them. In the first part, that i have seen twice till date, Sivagami and Kattappa stood out.

Sivagami was essayed by Ramya Krishnan. The queen Sivagami, her grit, her love and her justness all showcased so beautifully. Subtlety matters most, to make the greatest impacts. And Ramya Krishnan and her director, showcase that in their execution of this character.

Kattappa, the faithful slave, was breathed into life by Sathyaraj. Sathyaraj is no lightweight when it comes to acting. However, with a lesser director, he would have played out a very usual and often seen impersonation. This time however, he picked and chose his dramatics well, effectively using them to show us a Kattappa we have never seen before.  

Every other character in the story played their part well too. When you watch the movie, you saw the story, you saw Shivu or Mahendra Baahubali, you saw Bhallala Deva, Avanthika, Devasena and the rummaging barbarian king. There was no Prabhas, no Rana, no Tamanna, and no Anushka.

The star of the show, was none other than Rajamouli.

Waiting eagerly for the next .....

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Swamy vs Arnab - Calling Names

I clipped this video from NewLaundry's Clothesline program. Its a sad commentary of what news reporting has come to in India. Today the proliferation of 24x7 TV News Channels, has resulted in a dearth of quality news to report. I mean, think about, there isnt enough news in the world to keep one 24x7 channel going for a full day, and then how can it feed 20 or 100 more channels.

Well, then you begin calling each other names. Or as a shameless TV host, you let others call you names on a nationally broadcast news.

Arnab Goswami is known to make a fool of himself, and given his self-indulgent attitude, he probably practices this looking into a mirror. So, it is not unusual to find him making loud mouthed statements and drawing flak on TV. But this is new territory for Arnab himself.

You laugh, but one part of you must seriously think that this sad. Really Sad !


Sunday, January 18, 2015

One napkin too many ?

How many napkins (paper tissue) should one take? I know how many to use, but how do I know how many I would need when I am pulling them from the dispenser?
I usually take one too many and then I am in a conundrum - to return or throw the perfectly clean and unused paper. 
I wish there was an app for that !?

Monday, January 12, 2015

Bhagwan Hai Kahan Re Tu

Bhagwan Hai Kahan Re Tu ! Hey God ! Where are you ?
If anyone has any doubts on the sincerity of this movie, and its position about one religion or the other should listen to this song.

Hai suna ye poori dharti tu chalata hai
Meri bhi sun le araj mujhe ghar bulata hai
Bhagwan hai kahan re tu
Hey Khuda hai kahan re tu

Such a soul stirring songs, that it should remove any hatred that you might otherwise have developed (if at all) while watching the movie. Clearly people who hate this movie, havent watched it. Fake God Men are not the same a God. For that matter, even 'real' God Men are not the same as God. They are, at best, described as agents. They may do good things, they may serve the society and help rid us of evil, but that does not make them Gods to be worshiped.

But that is exactly what we human beings end up doing. We look at these messiahs and then convert them into Gods. We then look around and hurt those who dont believe in these messiahs. People who do not accept one particular messiah are considered non-believers of God! Think of the foolishness we perpetuate.

Before coming to America, i used to think that this evil division of humanity, was a facet of Indian culture. Now i understand that is an universal truth. Education has no relevance, in fact sometimes they are easier fooled than the poor ignorant masses. And we all end up fighting each other. Christianity vs Islam vs Hinduism vs Jewism vs Buddhism vs Scientology vs Atheism. Unfortunately the people who get hurt are Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Buddhists, Scientologists, Atheists etc. More so the commom folks, who are simply happy worshiping anyone who would deliver to them of their daily bread.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Running Water @ Starbucks

The next time you pick up coffee at a Starbucks, lean in by the counter from where you pick up your coffee. You will notice a small stainless steel well, with a few utensils, and running a tap.

This tap is never shut. I spoke to the manager at this store, and she explained that "it is our policy". Our being Starbucks. It is the corporate Starbucks policy to keep this tap running constantly. The water is wasted, as it simply runs down into a drain.

I observed this for the first time a year or two ago. I also noticed that some stores (i dont quite recall now, it may even have been that one store where i saw it ), do shut off this tap. So maybe a store is also violating this policy. Starbucks, you may want to look into that !

I think this makes for a good physics or math problem for students. To compute the volume of water that can run thru a pipe that is about 5" cm wide.

On a more serious note, some idiot at Starbucks need a whack at the back of his or her head. What the fsck were you thinking ?

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Swachh Bharat - Amma in Jail, K Company to follow ?

Amma is in jail now. While all the crocodile tears are being shed by her sycophants, its clear that these creatures are probably the most happiest to see her in a confined space. As part of the Swachh Bharat, it would be nice if the cleanup continued and threw the K-Company crew also into jail soon.

Between the two, my sympathies and support are with Jaya. However, that is no excuse to diminish the punishment. If anything at all, it is far delayed, and far too small a deterrence for the people in high places.
I wish the law would know turn its wheels much faster and quickly wrap up the 2G, BSNL & Aircel-Maxis scams. All said and done, we are so quick to turn politicians into demi-gods (like Modi now), and then soon let them fry in boiling oil in hell, but the money-men and industrialists who fund and finance these are never touched and almost always get away scot-free. Why ? The 2G scam reeks from the foul smell of Reliance, Tata and Airtel, all now dissolved and mostly forgotten in the gray matter we call 'broadcast news'. The Nira Radia tapes also show a conspiracy to appoint a Communications Ministers of someone's liking. Nira is in and out of prison, but others who were talking to her; life goes on.
Praying and hoping for a Swachh Bharat !

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Course Correction Mid-Air

The blog on Customer Service, was precipitated by recent events while flying. Since i fly a lot, its not uncommon for me to encounter situations which are blog worthy. But this was really a first for me and most people i flew with that day.

After a last minute gate change, my United flight from IAD (Washington Dulles) to DTW (Detroit) took off with a minimal delay. The gate change and delay was treated as customary, and no one batted an eyelid as a result.
All settled in, this small Bombardier CRJ took off without any hitches and we were in the air shortly. We finished the initial ascent to a cruising altitude, and we were treated to the inflight service. The stewardess soon served us drinks, the only freebie provided on this flight.

We were interrupted shortly thereafter, by the crackling of the PA system, with an announcement from the pilot. He reported that he just received a message from the gate agent and that we were flying back to Washington Dulles. The reason being that this aircraft was required for a flight from IAD to Indianapolis later, and cannot handle late night flying. So going to Detroit and then flying back would cause problems. So we were going back to IAD, to switch aircraft and then fly back to Detroit.

Astounded. Shocked. Bewildered. Are there other words in the dictionary, that are more appropriate to describe this moment? We had finished almost 50% of our flight journey, to learn this!! We, passengers looked at each other aghast and shook heads. But, what can you do ? The stewardess, immediately turned clueless. Well there is no reason to blame them. 'Cause they too just learnt about it now. But, i was amazed at how easily they made us submit to this inconvenience - with a simple shrug of their shoulders. And like i wrote earlier, why would they take a share of the blame or apologize for the misfortune events that United created.

And so, we flew back, to the same gate where we started. Only to be shunted to a nearby gate, where there was an exact same CRJ waiting for us. Small mercies. I was mentally preparing myself for a long wait; for an alternate aircraft, crew change and all the related predicaments that were possible. We took off in about an hour, and soon were on the way to Detroit. But the nightmare of a possible u-turn midair still haunts me. I am not sure when i would get over that.

Redemption: United did send me a voucher for $250 as an apology for this fiasco. Thanks. Again small mercies, even tho' the delays cost me much more.