Sunday, September 10, 2017

Jimikki Kammal

While the song was released a few months back, i heard it first only a few weeks ago. And then the movie came out recently, in time for Onam. As soon as i had heard it the first time, the catchy tune stuck in my head.
But now this has become an internet sensation, kind of like the Kolaveri song. It all started, i think, with a group of girls putting out their dance version in youtube around the time the movie came out. And since then, there has been many a copycat version, original out-do version, yet another unique attempt version etc.

Well, its all over. And with it, the song is refusing to get off my head. I tried my bit to get others go crazy over this, 'cause why keep the hurt to yourself. Joy or madness or pain, it gets better if you share it with friends. So if you havent seen it yet. Then here it is again!

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