Thursday, August 15, 2013

AR Rahman - Jagao Mera Desh

ARR has done it again. His magic never ceases to run out. How do you make Rabindranath Tagore fashionable and appealing to today's youth? How do you mix rap in a patriotic song (something foreign in the India context, atleast till recently)?

Mixing lyrics and singing in different languages in the same song, is not entirely new, but is something ARR himself has employed many times in the past. And this one again shows how that can appeal to youth in India today.

Prasoon Joshi's lyrics, his translation of Tagore's song, beautifully complement the song. Or maybe it is the otherway around. The finish is particularly fabulous. 

This is one my favourite poems, "Heaven of Freedom". It was also one of the earliest or the first blog i wrote. Since i moved my blogs around a bit, i think i lost some of the dates. But i could be wrong too.

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