Monday, May 27, 2013

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall....

To get the real answer to this question, all you have to do is watch TV in the wee hours of the morning or night.
And here is what i found.
I am the fairest of them all. See all the girls in my college are dying to tie a friendship band.

It wasnt all this good before. They wouldnt even look at me. And thats because.....

Ya! Thats me !! The same me. Except i am darker. Almost black. Like a different race.

I found the magic, in "FairLook". Its simply some liquid in bottle, that can be applied on my face.

After few days. Just few days. Well i know people have different perceptions of 'few'. But trust me this is few. My face turns white in these few days. However my hands, particularly fingers take a little longer.

See! Now i am all white, a whole different race. My fingers have also turned white. It required a towel.

Well. Some few patches will remain. Just wipe harder with a towel. It will go away.

India is probably the largest market to products that promise a miracle, like this one. Turn a person with a black complexion to white. Micheal Jackson wasted those millions of dollars, injecting poison and other crap to pale out his skin. Poor fellow, may his soul rest in peace now. But products like FairLook are boon from the heavens, it would solved the whole problem of apartheid in South Africa and addressed racism issues in US easily.

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