Tuesday, September 04, 2012

From above the clouds

This post has been delayed for sometime. Interesting, that i manage to jump off a plane one weekend, and then get caught up in a whirlwind of activity at the work front. Both are good and one shouldn't be complaining.

A friend of mine suggested i join him and other friends, to check-off a typical bucket list activity. This has been on my list for a long time, but time, energy and will were always a little deficient. There, apparently, is a lot of fun in making spur of the moment decisions. This was one.

The jump itself was monumental. The guys at Skydive Capitol City, made it seem like everyday chore. The most scariest thing was the site itself, which looked like a barnyard. It was, and the plane took off from a cleared grass patch in the middle of the huge farm, which was the Warrenton, VA airport complex. All said and done, it soon turned out to be inconsequential.

Few minutes of plain ride, till we hit the required altitude at about 10,000 feet. And then it was the moment i was waiting for. A split second of uncertainty as the instructor (Dimitrije) made the move to the exit, and we were off. Exhilaration, was clearly defined over the next few seconds, as we fell down to the earth. I later found out that my face is filled with a lot of extra skin and flab. We wont discuss that further here. The chute opened shortly and then it seemed like it was just another day - cruising slowly down the interstate from the clouds to the land below. The landing was soft, as soft as it can get on a bonny backside. My trousers later needed some extra special cleaning to get all the grassy-mud out.

Will i do this again? Sure. Why not ? Then again, maybe i should rather go climb Everest.

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