Sunday, December 20, 2009

Burger - only 4 years old

I saw this recently on Youtube. Its sounds crazy, but i find no reason to disbelieve it. I want to have one for myself, but then i dont frequent these places often. There was a time, when BurgerKing was part of a weekly affair, not anymore. I had my own experiments with these crappy food. These days, i wont say i dont eat them, but i surely dont enjoy them as much, and i think if i grab one about every month thats a great thing. I wish it was down to zero.

I was never a fan of McDonalds. But people who watch this, mustnt think that the other burger places are fully absolved. I am sure they probably use something similar. I tried to do some search on the internet for more news and evidence, didnt find too many, directly related ones, but there is plenty of bad news about these food. Anyway, this is only one more information we could use to argue against making this kind of food a stable diet.

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