Sunday, May 04, 2008

To eat or not to eat

Recently Ms. Condoleezza Rice, the Secretary of State of the US, said that people from India and China are responsible for the food crisis.

Well, i, for one, had fully expected this. There are several truths here:
- there is a crisis - food price is up and there is shortage all around
- people in the new developed countries are consuming more, because they can afford it now
- people from the existing western world are feeling the pinch, slowly but steadily
- altho these people are not ready to share or consume any less

For all this, someone is to blame, question tho is who ?

The food consumption is only expected to increase, with the increasing population and one that can afford to buy and eat better and more food. The already developed, who have been leading a good life, is not about to give up their over luxurious life and reduce their consumption any bit. In all these years, when the oil prices have been going up, they havent moved a bit to reduce their oil consumption, so how can one expect something more personal like food habits.

The world is ever shrinking. All of us are being held up to the same standards now. Everyone will have to give up something, or else, we all can get ready for a big food fight. I somehow feel, knowing us humans, the latter is a distinct possibility.

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--xh-- said...

yup.. the later seems a posiblility.. food for thought... :)