Saturday, February 24, 2007

Baba Kalyani

After a long time (or maynot be that long), i managed to watch a malayalam movie. I was a little skeptical going to watch 'Baba Kalyani', since it had the same or similar set of people who brought Thandavam and other 'verbosious' Mohan Lal movies. But this was surprisingly different.

There was an attempt to make it slick, and i think they wasted a lot precious film doing so. If you could tolerate the slick cuts through out the movie, then it was nice crime investigation film. Of course there are the usual desi film style cinematic licenses that have been used once in a while. But overall, its rise to the standards of the CBI series.

And the song 'Kai Niraye Venna tharam' is out of the world. Or maybe i am biased, being a big fan of MohanLal, his screen mom Kaviyoor Ponamma, but most of all the one and only one Krishna.

Enjoy the song, snagged from YouTube.

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